Igor GorpinCo-Owner

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Mr. Gorpin was born in Cricova, Moldova. As a young child he developed a passion for Folk Dancing. He pursued professional dance classes and competitions for a decade, before graduating dance school. After high school he decided to go study Civil Law. In the middle of his Law degree he had to undergo military training, in order to fulfill the government requirement for young men. In 2008, he decided to come to the US as a student. During his initial stay he fell in love with Dallas and decided to stay. He enrolled in school and switched to study Business and Administration. Having an entrepreneurial mind, Mr. Igor came up with a financial plan on how to help Victoria open Edelweiss. In April of 2015, Victoria and Igor found the Plano space where they ultimately opened the school in October of the same year. Mr. Igor’s passion is numbers and how to make budgets work. He works diligently on Edelweiss’ financial invoicing, payroll, and taxes.
In his free time, Mr. Igor likes to perform work around the house, grill, watch football, host parties for friends, play with his children, spend time with his wife Victoria, and of course dance.


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